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10 Interview Tips

10 Interview Tips

10 Interview Tips

There is a whole lot of time before your big interview, so you can just sit back and relax. Right?

A big No!

You’ve to utilize your time sensibly. Here are some of the best interview tips for rock-solid preparation that ensure you’re ready to meet them when they’re ready to see you.

Preparing for the interview

Research company and their offerings

It’s highly recommended to investigate well about what the company does and how it functions. Also, make sure whether the company is suitable for you or not. Going through Glassdoor, for example.

Researching about the interviewer is bit troublesome but if you can look them up on their website or LinkedIn you will have a way to make tailored conversation.

The employer always expects you to understand their nature of the business, industries they serve, and potential customers. Nothing makes them happier than hiring a fan!

Prepare Questions to Ask Them

Make no mistake, interviews are not about interviewee asking you the questions and you responding to them. Interview is meaningful if there is a communication, a 2-way dialog. You should be ready with certain questions, questions like what is the career path designed for me? where would be the company wants to be at after 5 years? Asking questions shows your interest and increases your chance to get selected.

Make a strong first impression

First impression is the last impression and the impression of you starts right from the first interaction you would have with the company. Your first interaction with the recruiter of the company also matters. Be confident and truthful about what you are and what you know right from the beginning. Being courteous and responsive is important. Never miss a call or ignore emails. If you miss them, be courteous to drop a line of apology. A confident step forward is a big lead ahead.

Prepare a strong Resume

Before you start creating your resume, understanding the difference between Resume and CV (Curriculum vitae) is important. CVs are generally a detailed report of your education, employment, achievement and other details while Resumes basically contains outline of everything, a precise brief.

While going for a job interview, you should always create a resume highlighting your career and achievements. Your resume should speak about your efficiency and dedication. Make an easy to browse resume.

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Prepare a list of “selling points”

Prepare to go to an interview with 3 to 5 key selling points, points that make you the right candidate for the job. Every interviewer wants to know why you are unique and why should they offer you the role. This will also help you to justify your salary expectations. Best examples of the selling points include your grip on a particular job function, your way of managing multiple tasks, communication skills, your interest in the job role and so on.

Think about interviewer’s reservation and prepare your defense

Every job opening will have multiple candidates applying for it and there will be some points that will negatively impact your selection. Anticipating those reservations against you will help you make a stronger candidate and beat the competition. Think of the probable reservations, it might be related to your experience, communication skills or salary expectations. Prepare a comprehensive reason and clarify it during your interview.

Practice your interview

You are now done with the research but all you need to do is to plan your interview. Yes, we are talking about planning. Nothing falls at the right place unless you plan and prepare. Practicing your answers will have you clear your mind and make you confident. This will in return help you to be fluent in what you speak at the time of your most important hour. Make no mistake, you have just got one chance to take a shot at your desired job and if you miss it, they will never turn back to you.

Make the most of the first 5 minutes of the interview

The day has arrived, and you would like to make a strong statement for yourself. Right from your attire to the way you conduct yourself, gestures or the way you greet others combine to create your first impression. The first five minutes of your interview drives the rest of the interview. Once you have your seat, start on a positive note, thanking them for giving you an opportunity to be at the interview and a good word about the company will help you. Ensure to start a conversation as that will make you comfortable and will be your source of motivation.

Be creative and realistic

Not only the interviewer, but we are sure you will too feel negative vibes if everything go flat and standard. Be creative in a way that makes you look enthusiastic about the role. Explain the concepts with examples. Ask questions that adds value and come up with innovative ways to solve problems. Speak more about how you are different and why you are the one who can be the best fit candidate. Another aspect of being creative is in the way you handle questions to which you do not know the answer. Don’t say no to anything without justifying the reason behind why you do not know about certain aspect. Also give an assurance that given a chance, you are willing to learn the tricks and prove your candidature.

Be grateful

You interview should end on a healthy note. Thanking the interviewer is one part, but this is not all. To create a unique impression, try summarizing your interview experience in a sentence or two and creatively put forward your interest in the job on offer. Making yourself clear on your expectations in front of the jury will help them evaluate you better. The way you leave the room also matters and staying conscious and in the interview zone until the very end will bring you results to cheer about for the rest of your life.

Right from the first interview call to your last impression in the interview room, these tips will help you to make a strong impression and boost your chance to leap ahead of the competition and grab the opportunity. Each mentioned points does have many things into it and if you want to be trained for your next interview, do not hesitate to drop us a line for free consulting.

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